Listen and See
Listen and See

Listen and See

Jessica Esch
May 2021

From the Jessica Esch: Fill in the Blanks exhibition 

Original Statement:
"Also, your audiences most of the time don't hear. But that was nice for me for those ten years, because I didn't have The New York Times on my neck; I was creating and having my adventures. I only had dance audiences who basically didn't listen, and I just created. By the time the music world was ready for me, I had a whole new world." -Lucia Dlugoszewski

"All I can talk about to anyone is my goals; whether or not I succeed, listen and see. I'm going on my own adventure." -Lucia Dlugoszewski

Lucia Dlugoszewski, Soundpieces, Volume 2, Cole Gagne, Scarecrow Press, 1993 (p.78 and 68, respectively)

Wanderer-Werke Continental typewriter
Mariage Freres packaging
5 1/4" x 10 1/2"

Pricing available upon request.

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