The New Yorker Gender Tally

Jessica Esch's New Yorker Gender Tally looks at The New Yorker contributors by gender. Click here for a summary of 2021 or scroll down for a complete look at The New Yorker Gender Tally since 2014. Find the origin story on

Women are always listed first, followed by men, and then a catch-all number representing work by studios, collaborations of different genders, or my inability to confirm a person’s gender. NOTE: People who are non-binary were added to the Gender Tally in 2019. A count for non-binary is not included if no people who are non-binary are reported. (This number will appear after the count for men.)
2021 New Yorker Gender Tally
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NOTE: A cartoonist was misidentified on 4/21, 6/2 and 6/9-16 tallies. Final number on graphic should be three more men than listed and three fewer women (620-112-1).