How I help


Jessica’s illustrations have appeared in ARCADE magazine and the Harvard Graduate School of Education Ed. magazine. She was one of 15 sketchnoters featured in The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde and further work was included in the follow-up The Sketchnote Workbook. (Sketchnotes are notes with visual elements that increase the retention of creator and viewer. They also are much more fun to read and review.) 


In one-on-one sessions, Jessica listens closely, probes and sketches while entrepreneurs and thinkers process their big ideas aloud. This process clarifies and sharpens their thinking, and results in a visual map so they can move forward with intention.


It is tempting to think that changing the world requires something new. Jessica believes changing the world doesn’t always require something new, it often requires ideas to be better known. She believes big change comes when information is shared widely as well as with focus. Jessica seeks out connections everywhere that insert social issues and ideas into the public dialogue.


Jessica loves sharing her work with others so they, too, can experience the rush of new ideas, new media, and new connections. She seeks out opportunities to show others how to build and strengthen relationships online and offline to greater serve the common good.