Here It Is
Here It Is

Here It Is

Jessica Esch
May 2021

From the Jessica Esch: Fill in the Blanks exhibition 

Original Statement:
If I had had children, I would have charted a widely different life, drawn creative inspiration from them, and shaped my work to them. Perhaps I would have worked on children's books, rather than going to wars. It must be a fascinating thing to watch a growing child absorb his expanding world. One life is not better than the other; it is just a different life. -Margaret Bourke-White

A Portrait of Myself, Margaret Bourke-White, Simon and Schuster, 1963 (p.308)

1938 Corona Standard typewriter
Envelope postmarked December 22, 1931 from the papers of Elsie Brooks
5" x 6 1/2"

Pricing available upon request.

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