This is a drawing with a grid background. The text says "When faced with A or B propose C.” Arms are drawn with hands cupping the letters A and B as though they are being juggled. The letter C is centered below the word “Propose.” It has a box around it and is held in place by a third arm coming in from the right side to hold it in place. Jessica Esch re-created this Jeschnote as a print in 2020. The title “357. Exit Strategy” is on the lower left corner and signature on the lower right. Copyright 2020.

357. Exit Strategy


When faced with A or B propose C. 

  • Story and illustration by Jessica Esch
  • #357 from the Jeschnotes print collection
  • Museum-quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper
  • Low-VOC foamcore backing
  • Poly sleeve packaging